Cosmetic Coatings & Finishes

Diversified Coatings, Inc. aims to apply a flawless smooth and textured finish to your parts using urethane (polyurethane), high solids, baking enamels, epoxies, acrylic enamels of every description and color. Our cosmetic coating services apply to all types of industrial, prototype and consumer parts. Color matches are part of our service that can be done within 48 hours.

Powder Coating Services

Diversified Coatings, Inc. offers custom powder coating. We specialize in applying powder to parts whether it’s flat, curved or square. The powder has the ability to reach areas with deep narrow crevices, such as heat sinks. We are experienced with applying powder to services produced of extruded aluminum, machined castings and other substrates.

We powder coat electronic enclosures, chassis and housings for companies requiring detailed masking and also various colors as required by the customer.


Diversified Coatings, Inc. built its business around a variety of shielding products for conductive resistance or electro-static dissipation (ESD). Techniques were developed to ensure superior adhesion of metalized coatings, urethane and plastic substrates.

The various coatings have been done in nickel, silver clad copper, pure silver flake, or carbon black coatings.

Protective Coatings and Paint Services for Plastic and Urethane Parts

We offer coatings in a variety of plastic substrates with protective functional finishes to industrial and commercial parts. Most component parts receive a specialty coating such as EMI/RFI or anti-static (ESD) as well as decorative coatings of acrylic enamel or polyurethane per your specifications.

Many companies mate plastic panels to aluminum enclosures since they want the entire product to be attractive and uniform in appearance. We cover knit-lines, irregularities and other flaws and apply a nice even texture. The result is an attractive high-end finish.