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Smooth and textured finishes to your blueprint specifications.

Short Run Coating Services

Short Run Coating ServicesWe welcome your small batch coating and painting jobs. Our job shop specializes in quick turnaround of industrial, aerospace, military and commercial coatings in short and limited runs. We can apply a number of protective and decorative finishes to prototypes and complex parts and deliver quickly. Some of our specialty coatings include powder, EMI, RFI, and ESD. We can apply them to plastics, urethane and a wide variety of metals. At Diversified, small batch coating jobs receive top priority. When full production runs become needed we can ramp up quickly to meet your changing needs. Call our application engineers today to discus your specific requirements.

To discuss your requirement, please call or email us today.
Toll Free US & Canada: 888-326-2871
E-mail:  dcoats@dcinc.biz