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Smooth and textured finishes to your blueprint specifications.

Coating and Painting Services for Plastic and Urethane Parts

Coating and Painting Services for Plastic and Urethane PartsWe coat a variety of plastic substrates and apply protective and functional coatings to industrial and commercial parts. Most receive a specialty coating such as an EMI, RFI or anti-static (ESD) as well as decorative coatings of arcrylic enamel, polyurethane, and epoxy. Many other finsihes are available including Mil-Spec and DOD specific. Many companies mate plastic panels to aluminum enclosures and they want the entire product to be attractive and uniform in appearance. We cover knit-lines, irregularities and other flaws and apply a nice even texture . The result is an attractive high-end finish.

Some substrates are more difficult to coat than others, we are well versed with urethanes and integral skin foam elastomers. We have a material that can be matched to most pantone or federal standard color it is extremely flexible. We have had excellent success applying coatings to arm and head rests on medical chairs, prototype seating, automotive, and other flexible products. Photographs and references are available. Or send a sample of your product and we will turn it around as a sample.

Give us call and ask for Dave, to discuss your specific coating application
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