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Welcome to DCI!

Smooth and textured finishes to your blueprint specifications.

Powder Coating Services - Industrial, Production & Short Run

We are a custom powder coater located in Maryland (MD) that specializes in precision powder coating of difficult parts. We coat a variety of heat sinks with narrow fins, tight crevices, both extruded aluminum and machined castings, and other substrates. Although we provide full production coating services, we also welcome short run, small batch and prototype powder coating jobs.

We do production work including large numbers of sprinkler heads, pipe fittings, and valve wheels. We powder coat electronic enclosures, chassis and housings requiring detailed masking and front and rear panels to name a few. Powder Coating in Color

Powder coatings are sometimes used as functional rather than decorative. One such use is to insulate buss-bars where the thickness specification may run from 15-45 mils rather than a normal thickness of 2-4 mils. If this is your requirement then you want a powder coating shop that has vast experience with various coatings and substrates...You want Diversified Coatings Inc.

Give us call and ask for Dave, to discuss your specific coating application.
Toll Free US & Canda 888-326-2871