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Welcome to DCI!

Smooth and textured finishes to your blueprint specifications.

Cosmetic Coatings & Finishes

Cosmetic Coatings and Finishes We apply both smooth and textured flawless coatings and finishes using, urethane (polyurethane), high solids, baking enamels, epoxies, acrylic enamels of nearly every description and color. Our cosmetic coating services apply to all types of industrial and consumer parts. Color matches are usually not a problem and can be matched with in 48 hours. For some applications we use Polene TM or Urechem TM brand coatings.

So many companies use textured plastics and mate them to metal panels. We can match the texture of the plastic and apply it to the metal so that the entire project is uniform in appearance from batch to batch even if they are months apart in production.

Prototypes, or large quantity batches all get the same attention to detail on which we pride ourselves. Whatever your project, pick up the phone or send an inquiry via email. One of our application experts will be glad to assist you.

We do all the cosmetics and emi coatings on this Instrument. From one production run to the next the texture on all of the various parts on this instrument have to match eachother. We keep an original texture sample and match to that sample on ever run of every item and there are over 20 seperate visable parts per unit. Color, gloss, texture size and density are all matched on evey item for a uniform appearence.